I have been attending the Harmony Yoga and Pilates Studio on a weekly basis for over 3 years.  I started with the studio as my doctors and physiotherapist recommended I try Pilates in order to relieve my chronic back pain.  My pain was 7-8/10, which limited my daily activities and significantly affected my ability to sleep.  I was in Pilates for 2 years to build my core strength and now have moved to Yoga to maintain my core strength in addition to improving my balance and flexibility.  Helen is an amazing instructor.  She is humorous, gentle, uses proper anatomical terms, and is really big on safety.  She gently corrects my position and provides modifications so I can optimize the exercise without injury.  In the last 3+ years I have reduced my pain to a maximum of 3/10 and at times I experience no pain at all!  I have improved my flexibility, strength, and balance.  The meditation has taught me to quiet my brain and has aided me in reducing my stress and improving my sleep.   Helen has been one of my key people in my rehabilitation journey.   Helen is the BEST Yoga and Pilates instructor I have come across and I would highly recommend this studio to others… Kim Walker.

I have been doing yoga with Helen for about 10 years now.  She is by far away my most favorite yoga instructor.  She prioritizes safety in all actions within the studio but has a phenomenal sense of humor which puts everyone at ease to enjoy yes enjoy each class.  Her lesson plans are diverse and she is able to customize any pose for anyone’s ability.  Her studio is clean, spacious and there are lots of props to help make the class enjoyable. I look forward to each class and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else…Laura Trollope.

My sister and I have been attending Helen’s Pilates Yoga Fusion Class for several years. Not only is Helen an amazing instructor, but she is a pleasure to spend our Tuesday evenings with and she has a great sense of humour. Class is always enjoyable with Helen. We have significantly noticed our core strength and flexibility increase and our balance improve since beginning class with Helen. Having a very stressful job, I find that my weekly class has helped me to improve my stress management and makes each week better! I look forward to my Tuesday class each week!…Vanessa & Kayla Sambrooke

I’ve been attending Helen’s Yoga classes for a few years now.  She combines her lifelong learning in health care with beautiful Yoga skills and a wonderful sense of humour to provide a unique, safe and inspiring environment to experience yoga, learn yoga, practice yoga and most importantly enjoy yoga. She brings a smile to practitioners of all ages and sizes and skill levels…Michael Gillett

I attend many of your classes and I enjoy them sooooo much.  I can’t explain the feeling I get when I actively go to your classes!  Any other time I have gone to any other type of yoga class elsewhere, I always compare them to yours, and they are frankly just not the same!…Mairi Fraser

I have been a student at Harmony for about three years now. Helen has classes for all ages and levels of experience. She is very quick to correct you if you are doing a pose or exercise incorrectly without embarrassing you in front of the class. She also has different variations of pretty much everything if you have a problem due to injury or if you find something too difficult. I would highly recommend Helen and her studio… Lisa Syvret

I found Helen and Harmony at a time in my life when I was desperately searching for balance, both mental and physical.  Helen’s gentle guidance, her support and her extensive knowledge helped me fall in love with yoga!  It’s been 8 years and counting and I can honestly say that Helen has changed my life…Kathy Griffin

We have had the pleasure of attending several pilates sessions at Harmony Yoga Pilates Studio. We have enjoyed Helen’s method of instruction. She easily makes people feel welcome and at ease no matter what level they are at. She modifies movements to meet the needs of her students, while encouraging progression. The studio is well equipped and spacious. It is a relaxing environment. Helen is very accommodating with respect to making up classes as well as putting on special instruction sessions. There are a variety of classes available, something for everyone…Pam & Ken Klowak

Harmony is a great yoga studio.  I started attending classes in 2009.  It’s a friendly environment.  I enjoy the different components of the class, meditation, yoga practice, relaxation period and positive reading at the end.  Helen takes time to assist anyone having difficulties with a pose or provides alternatives.  The location could not be better for me…Louise Bourgeois

I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of Helen’s Yoga and Pilate’s classes.  She is one of the most passionate, dedicated and entertaining Instructors that I have had the pleasure to train with.  Helen has a gift for creating a class that is safe, challenging and beneficial for each and every one of her students.  Thank you Helen for sharing my Journey with me…Kelly McNeill-Stregger

It does not matter whether you are just a beginner or have advanced skills in yoga, Helen teaches in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable in their ability to do yoga.  Her wit, charm and practical advice make it an absolute pleasure to be a part of her class and it keeps me coming back…Gail Lawrence

I began yoga for the first time in 2009 at Harmony.  I had always been interested in yoga and to try it out, I enrolled in Pilates/Yoga Fusion class. I enjoyed the pilates component in the last session but FELL IN LOVE WITH YOGA!  I have been a regular attendee (2 times per week) and feel great. I have a chronic back issue (disc) and yoga keeps me moving freely and meditation keeps me sane.  I was very lucky to just happen upon the studio and I’m so glad I did.  Helen you are an amazing yogi and I enjoy all you have to offer at the studio.  I also attended the Yoga Therapy for Hips Workshop in January 2014 and it was the best three hours of my life. I have never wanted the workshop to end. I have been faithfully doing the strap leg series 5 times per week and they have never felt better!  Thanks for your commitment to us as students and sharing your love of yoga so freely with us…Colleen Hauck

I have been attending Harmony Yoga Pilates Studio for many years.  I followed Helen when she moved her studio from one location to another.  I have been a healthier and happier person since attending her studio.  Helen is very knowledgeable and believes in safety first.  She makes sure you are in the correct position and form to insure injury free classes.   She gives suggestions for alternate poses if you have an injury or weakness that prevents you from being able to form the usual stance.  She has been teaching for over 35 years and continues to learn and expand her education with visits to India, etc.  I have tried other yoga classes and can’t stand the lack of professionalism with other teachers.  I highly recommend Helen and her studio…Linda Rogers

As we watched our parent’s age, we became determined to stay as mobile and as flexible as we possibly could for as long as we could.  Yoga was one of the modalities we chose to do so.  We joined Harmony Yoga Pilates Studio about 10 years ago and have been attending regularly ever since.  Helen, the owner, is passionate about yoga, and a wonderful teacher with a quirky sense of humor.  We particularly appreciate the variations for each pose that she provides the class so that – based on our current situation – we do not injure ourselves.  Her special workshops have also been of benefit.  Without hesitation, we recommend Helen and Harmony Yoga Pilates Studio… Dianne Haley and Ted Comben

I’ve been thinking about you lately and realize how much I miss taking your classes.  Since leaving Calgary, I began teaching Barre in the spring!  I’ve also recently started back up my yoga practice and have come to realize there aren’t many teachers like you.  I’m so glad I found such a knowledgeable teacher, learning a great foundation, how to safely get in and out of poses, and the importance of inner peace – all with little laughs here and there!  You’ve been an incredible influence in my life, and I owe many of the compliments I receive on my teaching to you.  Huge thanks Helen!…Lindsey Finnan

I am so grateful to have discovered your classes!  They have truly been a gift to me.  Your dedication to the teaching of such quality classes is much appreciated…Michele Baden