Harmony RYT300 Wholistic and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

This is a wonderful program!  Helen you are one of the most positive and open yoga teachers I have ever met.  The vast amount of information covered is quite amazing and you can easily tell how passionate you are about yoga.  Your manuals are like a diary of your yoga practice, learning and experience as well as your continual growth.  This you shared with all of us.  Thank you.  You are truly a yoga teacher in all of your being.  Gratitude, so happy to have discovered you…Loreen Lewis.

Inspiring, informative and well put together program.  A must for a dedicated yogi.   Your manuals are fantastic; truly a labor of love.  Helen you are an inspiration to any person lucky enough to cross your path!…Namaste, Michelle Chivers.

“The program is very well organized with an enormous amount of incredible information so generously shared; years of hard work and knowledge, which was poured out from the heart kindly and passionately for the benefit of others.  Thank you, Helen!  You touched me deeply”…Elena Bendel.

“The  course was very thorough, covering or touching on, maybe all aspects of yoga.  I think Helen offers something that is quite absent in the popular North American sense of yoga, that is the holistic aspects.  For that I believe she is valuable and I appreciate her contributions to the world of yoga.  Helen also pays attention to the prevention of injury which is very important.  Thank you Helen!”…Jenny Luong.

“This is an amazing program with such a wealth of information for how we can heal with yoga.  I have attended other programs in the past that focus heavily on asana.  Harmony’s Wholistic and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training Program includes all aspects of yoga and is truly a holistic approach to well-being.  I’m coming away feeling confident in my abilities to assist others in their healing.   {Six months later…Your course is so very rich in content- every day I keep learning as I work my way through different scenarios that present themselves through my students.   I am so grateful that you have taken the time and effort to create this fabulous course}…Shauna Prouten.

“I loved Harmony’s Wholistic and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training Program because I was looking to connect with the spiritual side of me!  Helen made that very easy to do.  The knowledge you gain is priceless. The program was not only about learning about health and wellness for your students but also to understand how to use the power within you to help yourself and others.  I gained so much from these teachings and I look forward to taking the knowledge I gained from this chapter of my life to the new one I am about to begin.  Love & Light”…Sophia Surage.

“The manuals are mind-blowing.  Seriously Helen.  The amount of love, care, knowledge and attention to detail that you poured into these manuals was incredible.  They will be a constant resource I will use to help others and myself.  Thank you.  I loved how immensely organized you are – our days were planned minute-to-minute.  I especially loved how you would send us late-night emails with specific and very detailed answers to our questions-you never forgot!  I loved the yoga nidra and the passages you would read to us everyday from the book, “Passages to Joy”; heart-warming.  I am so glad I found you.  You are an excellent teacher Helen.  I’m very demanding of my teachers and you exceeded my expectations.  Your studio is a beautiful sanctuary.  I experienced some spiritual trauma and release while in your program.  I think you felt it and you let me be, but you made me feel cared for and loved.  I am looking forward to continuing to learn from you.  I hope you don’t mind, but I consider you a Spiritual Mother to me.  Bless your heart, and your soul.  I hope to meet you in all the lifetimes I am here.  Namaste”…Jenna Stone.

“Wonderful space held all the time.  I feel very blessed to have studied with you.  Loved how well-rounded the program is – yoga is not just asana – it’s mantra, mudra, marma, meditation (wow – 4 “m”s) and ayurveda!”…Nicole Schulz.

“I enjoyed the depth of knowledge given and presented in a very systematic method.  The explanation regarding every aspect of yoga through the manuals and books have given me a deeper understanding of Ayurveda, Chakras, Koshas, Granthis, Bandhas and many more topics.  Helen used a variety of tools to help us understand the concept of the inner world.  We studied anatomy and physiology in detail, learned to use many props and modifications to help our students.  Helen’s personal experiences have given me a greater insight of different techniques to help me learn”…Kapila Chugh.

“It was helpful to see all the different teaching styles from the group and I valued the discussions and wealth of knowledge/experience around the table. I appreciate how you shared your knowledge and then encouraged us to coordinate it with our personal styles, experiences and strengths. The manual – well, what an accomplishment. Wow!! It must have taken years to put it all together. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate it. It makes me think you really want your students to learn this stuff and you are willing to put yourself fully into making it happen. It’s great to learn from someone so passionate about yoga. So happy I came to find you. You have truly a dedicated, compassionate soul. I most definitely will recommend Harmony’s Wholistic and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training Program to others” …Dena McQuigge.

“Helen has created a program incorporating a lifetime’s accumulation of knowledge and experience. How she managed to incorporate it all so succinctly is beyond comprehension. It was a truly life changing experience”…Bev Cunningham.

“It was a great training held in a positive atmosphere and a great environment for learning. Not to mention how clearly well thought of and planned out the program is. I would highly recommend this training to anyone that wants to broaden their knowledge as a yoga teacher. It’s a great way to learn that there is a lot more to yoga than asana”…Abbie Lynch.

“I was really blown away by this program.  The depth of knowledge re: yoga, therapeutic applications, chanting, meditation, the list goes on and on, of what Helen possesses is immeasurable. I am so happy that I got to be part of the augural group for this program and I know it will just get better”…Fortune Almerol.

“This program was a life altering experience. The class size was not too big and it was responsive to all the individual needs while still maintaining cohesion. I wish I could just continue taking this training” …Darcie Reynolds.

“Pretty amazing and unique training with Helen. She keeps the “east” yoga alive so to speak. She is very knowledgeable in many areas of yoga, specifically with spirituality. You can learn a lot from all the wonderful stories of her Guru as well as from herself and all her life experiences; spiritually knowledgeable and very stimulating. Pretty awesome what I have learnt and hope to take more from her in the future”…Tara Walker.

SOYA RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

I feel so incredibly fortunate to have taken my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Helen Mikuska, Bob and Marion Mugs O’Connell through SOYA. Both teachers are so immensely knowledgeable and truly live their yoga. They are a shining example for students and inspired me so much. Helen brings such a deep knowledge of modifications and with her fitness and studio owner background she has much practical advice for students. Harmony Yoga and Pilates is such a well-cared for and loved sacred space. Mugs’ deep history with yoga and her knowledge of philosophy and sharing of spiritual stories was so touching. Her book Letters from the Yoga Masters was so useful. Bob offered playful and grounded classes that gave us a well-rounded foundation for the possibilities in yogic practice and spiritual exploration. The intensive experience was something that was absolutely life-changing and absolutely priceless. I am forever grateful to my teachers and SOYA.  With love and gratitude…Kim Mayberry.

After extensive research on where to take my teacher training, I knew I had made the right decision after the first day of class. I feel very blessed to have attended the SOYA program.  It surpassed all my expectations.  Helen & Mugs are amazing ladies and their wealth of knowledge is truly inspirational…Tracey Short.

What can I say to sum up my experience going through the SOYA 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program… It all has to do with the wonderful individuals behind the name SOYA, Marion, Bob, and Helen. The three of them come from such an honest place. My journey through the 200-hour program allowed me to grow, to be myself, and to feel so very supported in that.  Marion is someone who speaks from a place of love. She is one of the warmest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She has a ginormous laugh that is free and even makes her hold her belly. Her joy is contagious. She is patient, and she cares so much for every single person, and wants each one of our experiences to be full, and powerful; and it was. Marion lives every moment driven by her heart, and she entrusted onto us so many beautiful ideas of what unity really means. The philosophy, and the physical skills that she guided us through are invaluable. She truly is one of a kind, and I am so honored to have had the time I did with such a bright ray of light.   Helen, who owns Harmony Yoga and Pilates Studio in Calgary Alberta, has an alive, sparkling energy that fills every room she walks into. Her soul is one that knows how to have fun, and to cease every moment. She literally dances as if no one is watching. Helen’s knowledge is so extensive; my brain was always on high alert in order to try and absorb all of what she had to share. Not to worry though, Helen, Marion and Bob are all so approachable and welcoming and were happy to help with any questions we had.  When Bob begins to speak, the room goes silent. We were all so enthralled in what he has to impart. It is through Bob’s humility, I think, that really allowed us to be curious and excited about his words. His teachings are empowering; so very genuine. Bob will inspire you to tap into your inner voice, and to the creative forces within you!   SOYA is an incredible program. I left feeling so confident and self-assured. I know that I can be a worthwhile, prosperous, and meaningful component to the yoga world. I am so very grateful to have had this opportunity…All my love, Genessa Sather.

This training has been so much more enjoyable thanks to your amazing energy and fabulously glowing aura. You made the training so incredibly upbeat, positive and fun and you’ve inspired me to be a joyful yoga teacher…Sophia Carlson.

Helen, I am so blessed to have learned from you as you helped me find my voice and bring out my inner light!  Thank you…Kourtney Meldrum.

thank you for being uniquely and beautifully you and sharing that with us.  I feel blessed to have shared this journey with you and to have had you as my teacher.  Namaste…Carla Heiland.

It really has been a pleasure!  You are such an inspiring woman and your studio feels like home.  Thank you for everything…Lindsay Istace.

“I am so grateful that I was pointed in the direction of the SOYA 200 hour training because it was all that I could have hoped for and more.  Helen and Mugs are true teachers.  They want their students to have a strong understanding of the material and to feel confident in their knowledge, and they worked tirelessly to ensure that this was the case. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about the practice of yoga, they are also incredibly humble, encouraging and fun!  SOYA has a well-developed and established curriculum that aligns with the IYTA standards.  As a result, after 16 days of amazing learning, I left the training feeling confident and ready to start my teaching journey.  If you are searching for a well-rounded program that leads you deeper into your own practice and gives you a strong foundation to teaching,  I think that the SOYA 200 Yoga Teacher Training would be an amazing fit”…Lauren Price.

“You could not ask for two kinder or more passionate and knowledgeable mentors than Mugs and Helen. I especially appreciated how much they supported us in developing our own voices as teachers. They were always available to provide insight and advice, but also encouraged us to experiment, question, and be ourselves. The program is extremely well structured. I really enjoyed the combination of home study and immersion. It was not only practical (as a working mother) but allowed for deep integration of the material. I also liked how much time was devoted to philosophy, mantra, pranayama, meditation, kriyas, etc. I came away feeling confident about my teaching skills and with an expanded view of the practice of yoga. All in all, it was a beautiful and life-changing experience”…Karen Bulmer.

“Sometimes we have doubts about ourselves and hesitate to make a step forward.  Before starting the RYS 200 training program with SOYA I could hardly believe in myself but my intuition said that I was in the right hands and I made my step keeping deep faith and trust in people I came to learn from. I was originally inspired by Helen Mikuska who was one of the lead trainers.  She fascinated me with her approach to teaching yoga and genuine intention to help people who seek for her assistance. When classes started I was honored and pleased to meet other professionals Marion and Robert McConnell.  They gave an abundance of knowledge about yoga philosophy, asanas, lesson planning, Sanskrit, kriyas, mantras and meditation. But to me the best advantage of my studies was that I gained deep faith in myself; belief that I CAN DO ANYTHING. The classes were planned in such a way that the teacher trainees were able to handle and really enjoy the training.  I have already taught my friends yoga and they were truly amazed to hear so much information about moving energy in their body while practicing Hatha yoga.  They told me they had never heard about those techniques from any other yoga teacher in their life.  The information I have acquired is so deep and meaningful. It was really touching to see how the training team cared about the teacher trainees so that everybody’s needs were met.  The group of students were also very nice and supportive.  They made their trip for the training program from different parts of Canada.  Every moment spent with these wonderful people was worthwhile and I feel blessed to have this life experience”…Namaste, Alla Lawrence.

“First, I was completely overwhelmed with how well the program was structured. Not to say I’m hard to impress (though I’ve been told I am), I simply want to iterate that at the beginning of the course I thought I was there for my own edification and by the end Mugs and Helen had convinced me that I could actually go out into the world and teach…starting small and letting the universe take it from there, but nonetheless the program design is amazing!  So a heartfelt thank you for a beautiful experience and one that I trust will have a ripple effect among those whose paths I will inevitably cross”… Tricia Murray.

“There are no coincidences.  The soul seeks it’s own path.  We all have our twists and turns in the path but if you told me a year ago I would be where I am now it would have been unbelievable!  Thankful that I am here and now.  Thankful, grateful and humbled to have the experience and journey that you have helped guide me through.  My body has been the focus for so long that to finally feel free in my soul is wow!  I know I have a long way to go and that is exciting.  Your wisdom, guidance and wit is appreciated deeply and resonated with me closely.  We will cross paths again, I feel it.  You have a wonderful gift that you are sharing with the world!  How many people get to help people find their soul?  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Until we meet again.  Namaste”…Lisa Stocking.

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience during this teacher training.  I have learned and grown so much in these last two weeks.  Thank you so much for your contribution to that and for putting together such a wonderful program in your beautiful studio.  It has felt like home for these last two weeks”…Jenn Bell.

“You are a cosmic firecracker whose unique, quirky and powerful personality enriched my teacher training beyond anything I expected.  You know so much and willingly shared it with your candid style and intelligent humor.  For that I offer humble thanks.  You made my teaching world so colorful and bright.  You deepened my understanding of the things that really matter and you did it with real love in your heart so big we all got caught up in it”…Kim Harbicht-Sczesny.

“Thank you for bringing your positive energy, your love of life and your happiness to class. You radiate light. Thank you for your constant encouragement and help, and for being someone everyone can lean on”…Paige Johnston.

“I want to thank you for sharing your love, wisdom and great sense of humor.  You are a wonderful teacher and I learned so much from you.  This was an incredible experience, one that I will treasure forever.  I hope our paths cross again”…Shelley Fairbrother.