RYS_300_YOGAHarmony Yoga Pilates Studio offers an RYT300 Wholistic and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training Program registered with Yoga Alliance. This 300 hour upgrade can be used to obtain your RYT500 status with Yoga Alliance.

  • Intensive program is offered as a one month training.
  • Training runs from 7:30 a.m.-5:45 pm daily with a working lunch.
  • Two half days off mid-training (Aug. 4 & 14 ~ 7:30 am-12:30 pm).

2019 One Month Program: July 26-August 23/19

Program Investment: $4,400 (includes gst, 1,750 page Wholistic and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training Manuals and four required textbooks).

Payment Schedule:

  • $1,100 Application Deposit.
  • $1,100 Post-dated cheque – July 1,  2019.
  • $1,100 Post-dated cheque – July 15,  2019.
  • $1,100 Post-dated cheque – August 1,  2019.

Program Acceptance:
Program is open to yoga teachers who have previously completed any 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. With the completion of this program, you achieve your RYT500 status with Yoga Alliance, if you have already completed an RYT200 Yoga Alliance Registered Program.

Program Focus:
Knowledge gained from this training can be utilized with students in either group or private sessions, to help meet the student’s individual needs, to create body balance and assist the healing process towards wellness.  Program includes therapeutic modalities and applications of Yogic Principles for improvement of health, fitness and wellness and focuses on anatomy, postural analysis, koshas, chakras, kriyas, vayus, asanas, pranayamas, mudras, meditations and other relaxation techniques to increase the flow of prana and energy.  Sanskrit Mantra (spiritual formulas/sacred words) are also given for healing, abundance and removal of obstacles to help students with their physical, mental and emotional difficulties.  The cornerstone of the Program is Ayurvedic Science and the principles of Ayurveda (Doshic Constitution, Marma Points and Sattvic Yogic Diet) with Ayurvedic and Yogic Counseling.  One word to summarize the program is “Wholistic” referring to a whole or whole body; taking into consideration the whole body or person.  Wholistic means considering the mind, body and spirit and that’s what we are all about.


Program Description:

  • Therapeutic Modalities and Applications of Yogic Principles for Wellness.
  • Anatomy and Study of the Sutras of the Body.
  • Anatomy Study of Structural Misalignments and Posture Analysis.
  • Science of Pranayama, Techniques and Swara Yoga.
  • The Kleshas, Five Koshas and Prana Vayus.
  • Role of Marma Points and Kriyas for Health.
  • Principles of Ayurvedic Science and it’s Applications for Health.
  • Ayurvedic/Sattvic Yoga Diet.
  • The Three Doshas and their Attributes, Nature and Influences.
  • Benefits of Asana and Impact on Ayurvedic Doshas.
  • Pranayamas and Asanas for Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas.
  • Functions of the Mind, Ego and Self.
  • Various Meditation Techniques and Spiritual Therapies.
  •  Stress Reduction, Deep Relaxation, Restorative Yoga and Yogic Nidra Techniques for Rest.
  • Sanskrit Mantras for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health.
  • Mudras for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health.
  • Tongue Analysis and Signs of Health.
  • Chakra and Kosha Based Approaches and Techiques for Wellness.
  • Therapeutic Benefits of Surya Namaskar and Vinyasas.
  • Health of the Neck, Shoulders and Wrists.
  • Health of the Spine, Core, Hips, Knees and Feet.
  • Working with Disk Herniations, Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome and SI Joint Pain.IMG_0085
  • Yoga for Heart Disease, Hypertension and High Blood Pressure.
  • Yoga for Respiratory Disorders, COPD and Asthma.
  • Yoga for Urinary Disorders, Menstruation and Menopause.
  • Yoga for Digestive Disorders, Under-eating and Overeating.
  • Yoga for Endocrine Disorders and Diabetes.
  • Yoga for Arthritis, Osteoporosis and Frail Seniors.
  • Yoga for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue.
  • Yoga for Musculoskeletal and Chronic Pain Relief.
  • Yoga for Trauma, Brain Injury and Eye Disorders.
  • Yoga for Cancer and Increasing Immunity.
  • Yoga for Sinuses, Headaches, Migraines and Repetitive Strain.
  • Yoga for Stress, Substance Abuse and Addictions.
  • Yoga for Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression and Grief.
  • Ethics for Yoga Teachers and Client Management.
  • Principles of Ayurvedic and Yogic Counseling for Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas.

Continuing Education:

A closed Facebook Group is available for all graduates of the Wholistic and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training Program.  Within this group, graduates will be updated with further educational information on various yogic topics and techniques, book recommendations and other items of interest.  No expiry and absolutely free.